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What is special about Galaxy S9?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s best mobile phone. It does not matter what opinions we may have on your screen, your design or your camera because any analysis we make of this phone is based on the fact that this year the South Koreans have put on the table the best of themselves to give life to one of The best mobiles of the year. Samsung has always brought revolutionary smartphones in the world and once again, with upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 the company is going to make a huge hit with a modish incredible design concept. Galaxy S8 comes to compete in the price range of 809 euros, but … is it really above what Apple, Huawei, LG or Sony now offers? Will the Galaxy S9 with 816 euros price be thrifty? Would it be able to compete with upcoming iPhone 8?

This analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very special for several reasons. First, because we have already done the test of the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, the older brother of the family of the new Galaxy S8 that so good taste left us during the review; Second, because this particular model is much more compact and manageable with only one hand, something his older brother could not presume; And third because, in the end, we are just a mobile to close our review of the best phones reviews of the year. And that remaining phone is precisely the Samsung Galaxy S8. And on the basis of it, we can ponder the features of Galaxy S9 as well.

What is special about this mobile? We will analyze this in depth in this review, but based on the first thing that catches the attention in the new Samsung mobile is the screen. It’s a corner-to-corner screen, which the company calls Infinity Display, and it’s such a special feature for the simple reason that it introduces a completely new format in the mobile phone sector: 18.5: 9, front At 16: 9 that we were used to seeing so far. The modish hi-class edge-to-edge display of Samsung Galaxy S9 enhances the value of the phone and really worthy. The 4K AMOLED 5.8” screen size of Galaxy S9 hooded with safeguard Corning Gorilla Glass 5, all in all, the appearance of Galaxy S9 would be eye-appeasing and out of the world having glaring smooth body surface.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also special for its Bixby smart assistant, which is exclusive to Samsung and comes to replace the Google assistant; is a special phone for its camera, that instead of betting for a dual sensor turns out to be in fact a slightly improved version of the camera of the S7 Edge; And unfortunately it is also special because of the position of its fingerprint reader, which is in the back, but not under the camera as in the Huawei P10 or LG G6, but to one side of the sensor. In Galaxy S9, we can enjoy the playful Bixby feature having a higher version and quicker. Hope, Galaxy S9 would include all the desired ideal features of our modern needs.

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