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Simple Ways To Make Your Father Feel Special

“It was my father who taught me to value myself.

He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.”

– Dawn French

It is my father, who taught me how to live life with dignity. He guided me in every situation about taking firm steps in life. I learnt the meaning of ‘self-esteem’, ‘respect’ and ‘independent’ from him. Whenever I get an opportunity to take care of him, I feel like blessed! However, Fathers’ Day is a special occasion to show how much I love him but truly; I am more of a ‘celebrate every day’ kind of a person. Therefore, besides giving him gifts for Fathers’ day, I try to make him special in every day of his life.

If you are my kind of a person, the below-discussed points can help you to make your father realise that he is the most important person in your life. So ditch the fancy wrapping papers and credit cards, and here are the five unusual ways to show your love towards your father.

Hide a note

Tuck a ‘Love You dad’ note in his pocket or cupboard or in his briefcase. When he finds it, it assures to bring a smile and turn the whole day around for him.

Discuss his childhood

Take a old photo album of your dad’s childhood, and ask him questions about those days. Even you can find out some of your old memories from your conversation. He will be glad that you asked!

Make his favourite treat

However, there are various options of cakes for Fathers’ Day available in the market, but you can prepare one for him at home. Forget about the texture and decoration of the cake, as he will be glad to have one from you. What he sees is your love and effort! Therefore, a good taste will be enough!

Ask his help

Dads are able to fix everything with their supreme knowledge. Ask his help though it is not required! It will make him realise that you still want his help in every space of your life. Who can say, you may learn to know something new!

Play game with him

Just switch off the television and your cell phone, when you both are sharing your spare time together. Challenge him to play any game with you that you used to play together in your childhood. Sometimes you can let him win the game. He will understand it, but still enjoy your emotions towards him!

If you are away from your father, you can find many more ways to show him how much important he is in your life. A Fathers’ day cake, his favourite gadget, his cherished novel or a DVD of his all time favourite movies, are some of the gifts that you can send him online. These all are efficient to make him smile in tears.

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