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Know About Law Clerks and Their Qualification – Top Benefits for the Law Clerks

As we all know, the main job of law clerks is to provide assistance to attorneys and judges in writing opinions on cases before the proceedings of the court. The Judicial Conference of US has established the criteria for minimum qualification for the law clerks. However, the judges can even add additional requirements for the position.

General requirements for the position of Law Clerk

Judges list their qualification in position posting. However, the appointee must meet the general requirements as listed below.

  • Law school certified or graduate as having accomplished law school studies and merely awaiting the conferment of the degree.
  • Should have one or more of following attributes.
  1. Graduation from school with LLM degree or Demonstrated proficiency in the legal studies.
  2. Experience on editorial board of the law review of such school.

The law clerk selectee should undergo FBI fingerprint check. Apart from it, the judge may also need new law clerk to carry a credit check and FBI name check. The employment is contingent and provisional upon satisfactory completion of required finger print and other checks, if necessary. The court itself will arrange for all the required background checks.

Top benefits for law clerks (Chambers)

While the overall benefits highly depend on type of appointment, the following are the most common ones. Take a look!

  • Term Appointment

These are quite common. The term federal judicial law clerks generally serve on appointment that is limited to 4 years. There are judges that even appoint the term law clerks for the duration of 18 months.

The term appointment law clerks are basically covered by the Social security and are eligible for dental, health, life insurance, and vision coverage. Plus, they can even participate in judiciary supplemental benefits programs. However, the term law clerks aren’t eligible to take part in federal employee retirement systems unless they are appointed in service from any other federal position in which they are eligible for benefits.

  • Career Appointment

The career judicial law clerks are generally appointed for over four years. The minimum length of commitment that the judge expects is clearly indicated on position announcement. The career law clerks are eligible to take part in all the benefit programs that are offered to the judiciary employees including dental, life insurance, and vision insurance coverage, etc.

  • Temporary Appointment

The third kind of law clerk appointment is temporary appointment. The emergency situations need a judge to acquire additional law clerk assistance for some limited duration of time and with some specific termination date. However, these temporary appointments are generally limited to 4 years.

In case the appointment is for the duration of one year or even less than it, then the law clerk won’t be eligible for vision, dental, health, or life insurance coverage. However, if they are appointed for over one year, then they are eligible for it. All the temporary appointed law clerks are subjected to Social Security deductions.

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