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How Much Money Should Be Spent On Wedding Gifts

You weren’t sure if you would be invited or not but the invitation just came in and you are cordially invited to the wedding. What should you get the happy couple and how much should you spend? Knowing the etiquette of wedding gift giving is important so that you don’t spend too much or too little. According to The Knot, how much money you spend on the gift all depends on the type of relationship that you have with the couple. For example, if the couple is a distant relative or coworker than you should stick with in the ranges of $50 to $80 for the gift. If the happy couple is a friend or relative than the money value should range from $80 to $120. However, if the couple is closer say a close relative than you should aim for a gift ranging in value between $120 to $175. Think quality over money value. Sometimes the amount is not as important as the quality of the item you are giving. If you are a creative person than you can come up with something that may be be as expensive but will be just as much cherish because it will show that it is from the heart. Personalized gifts are also a great idea to give because they are personalized with the couples names and or initials.

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